www.routerlogin.net – While the mankind is succumbed to the positive and negative influence of technology, the need for good quality internet has become inevitable. Number of homes and business that require high speed internet is also rising rapidly on a daily basis. Every organization and home consist of devices which needs strong WiFi connection. Hence there is a high demand for wireless routers and modems. One of the trusted and top most router developers over the years is Netgear.

Netgear develops world’s fastest and powerful wireless routers of all time. Netgear routers provide all the significant features that a user looks for. Various features that are available on a Netgear router are guest wireless network, dual band WiFi, WPA Enterprise, IPv6 support, Detachable antennas, USB port and many more.

There are a range of user friendly products exclusively for home network connections. These products ensure that the video streaming on both mobile devices and PCs are done by avoiding buffering. They make sure that the home users receive the best internet connectivity throughout.

Likewise, for a business network NETGEAR router is a perfect choice. Beginning from a small scale business to any large scale business, it is imperative to have flawless internet connectivity. Using the wireless network provided by Netgear routers, we can easily connect to the multiple tools that require high speed internet without any connectivity issues. Apart from routers, Netgear also provides storage and security solutions for business needs.

Default Ways to Access Router Admin Page

Netgear Router allows you to login the router via different ways. However, by default, the Netgear router’s IP address must be assigned as either or Or you enter these IP addresses in the address bar and press enter so that you can automatically get prompted to the web address routerlogin net to log into the router. But, you can also login your router by directly entering routerlogin.net into your web browser’s address bar. If you receive an error while accessing the routerlogin.net web address, then you must try clearing your internet browser cache. You can also use a different browser to resolve access error on routerlogin.net screen.


Steps to Open Netgear RouterLogin.Net

One must connect to the interface of the router to manage various configuration settings. Netgear Router Login (www.routerlogin.net) procedure can be done using the following steps:-

  • Initially, launch a web browser (Google chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.) on a computer or a mobile device.
  • Make sure that this device is connected to the Netgear router network.
  • Type in routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com on the web browser. This web address should take you to the router’s web interface.
  • If in case entering routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com to the browser does not take you to router’s web interface, then use the following steps:
  • On a windows machine, press the windows key and type “cmd” and press “enter” key.
  • Type “ipconfig” on the black screen (command line prompt) that appears on the screen and press “enter” key.
  • Find the IP address for the “Default Gateway” and make a note of it.
  • On a Mac, click on the Apple icon, and then click on “System Preferences”.
  • Now select, the option “Network”, here, you could find the IP address.
  • Enter the address that you find for the Default Gateway and enter it on the web browser. This should take you to the login screen. (Note: The “Default Gateway” is your home router)
  • On the login screen that you see, enter the username and password. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”. (Note: Both the username and the password are case sensitive in nature ).
  • Now, the basic home screen gets displayed to the user which indicates that the Netgear router login is successful.

How to Set Up a Netgear Router using routerlogin.net

Let us see How to set up a Netgear router for cable internet connection:-

  • First, unplug the modem and router power cords.
  • Now, Connect an Ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet port of the router.
  • Connect another Ethernet cable from the computer to any one of the LAN ports of the router.
  • Reconnect the modem power. Wait for all lights to become stable.
  • Finally, Reconnect the power of the router and wait for the power light to become solid green.
  • Now open a web browser and enter the router’s IP address and press “Enter”.
  • You will be prompted to enter the username and password. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”. (Note: Both the username and the password are case sensitive in nature).
  • Now click on the “ADVANCED” option and then select “Setup Wizard”.
  • Select the option “Yes” and click “Next”.

This will take a couple of minutes to detect the internet connection type and complete the process. Once the internet configuration has been completed, a page that says “Congratulations” will be displayed to the user.

How to Troubleshoot Netgear Router to access routerlogin.net

There can be multiple issues that you may experience on your WiFi router, such as, intermittent connection, slow speed or over all poor performance of the internet. Some of the most common failure of netgear router are mentioned here and let us see how to troubleshoot a Netgear router effectively.

Slow internet connection

The basic step is to check the connections are done right. Make sure that each chord is firmly connected to the modem and the router.

The LED (which looks like a globe with a ring or an “i” with a ring) on the netgear router has to be lit up to make sure that the router has internet connection from the Internet Service Provider or the ISP.

If this LED does not come up, then you may reboot your modem, or you must contact your Internet service provider to check the status of the internet supply.

Loss of connection in some rooms

You might experience loss of internet connection at certain areas of your home, this may be due to lack of signal at these areas. This can be rectified by using a “Range Extender” or “Powerline WiFi Extender”. These devices can be plugged in to a power source in any room with less WiFi connection and this helps you get rid off the intermittent connection at certain areas.

Also, you could consider moving the device closer to the router and connecting is by entering the WiFi network name and password. Or if you have forgotten the password, then you can connect directly to the router using an ethernet cable.

In order to obtain the best functionality of a the WiFi router, it is always ideal to update the router’s firmware. This will also help the user in solving most of the network issues.

Firmware update

To do update the router firmware, launch a web browser (Google chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.) Type in routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com on the web browser and press “enter”. On the login screen that you see, enter the username and password. The default username is “admin” and the default password is “password”.

Now, select the “advanced” tab and then select the “administration” from the options on the left hand side. Click on “router update” and check if an update is available for your router. If yes, then follow the instructions provided and update the firmware.

Page cannot be displayed error

While accessing any website, if you face the “page cannot be displayed” error, make sure that the ethernet cables are connected correctly and then restart the router. Now, wait for a minute for all the lights to come up and then clear the browsing history on the web browser.  Relaunch the browser and access the web page.

Parental control configuration on Netgear

Using a device which is connected to the netgear router, login to the portal using the username and password.

1. Click the “parental controls” option.

2. Click the “next” button.

3. Select yes if you have an OpenDNS account or If you do not have one, click “No, I need to create a free OpenDNS account”.

4. Click “Next” to create a new OpenDNS account.

5. Complete the information and select the filtering level according to your need.

6. Now, select “change custom settings”, you will be redirected to a page to add a bypass account.

7. Create username and password and click on “add account”.

8. Save the filtering level and add the time block as well.

If you are trying to access blocked content on a computer with active parental control filtering, you will get a page with an error and the parental control works fine.

Change the Wireless Setting

However, every Netgear Router users is well known to keep the Wi-Fi  Secret key secure from an unauthorized user. In case it has leaked then you have to modify it immediately. In order to change your Wireless Network SSID Name  and  Secret Key:

First of all, you have to access the routerlogin.net Admin page using either wired or wireless connection.

On the left panel, you will go under Wireless Settings.

First option will be displaying the ‘Wireless Network’ name which  you will  change as per your choice.

Second, come to the ‘Security Option’  and select the ‘WPA2-PSK (AES)’ among others.

The third will be the ‘Security Encryption’ (This will display only if you select the ‘Security Option’).  Here, is an option of ‘Passphrase’. This is your Secret Password when you change this, you are recommended keep it secret.

Click on ‘Apply’ to save your settings.

Issues with username or password

If there is any issue connecting to the WiFi due to the network name or password, then navigate to the “home” page and select “wireless” option from the menu to change the network settings.

If in case you have forgotten your router password, and if the system does not let you make any changes. Then the only way to recover the Netgear router password is by factory resetting the router to the default settings. Once this is done, you can create a new password as well.

Slow WiFi speed can also be rectified by changing the wireless channel option on the same page. If there are multiple devices connected to the wireless network, then the WiFi may often experience slow speed.

If a single computer is having issues in connecting to the network, then make sure that you update all the WiFi drivers on this machine.

Power LED lights up amber light

If the power LED display amber light on your router, then disconnect all the power chords and reconnect the power. Now, wait for a minute to for all the lights to come back and check the power LED.

If the issues still persist, then we can factory reset the router. But remember, factory resetting the router will erase all the settings which you have saved earlier.

Steps to factory reset a Netgear router

Connect the router to the power source, once the router powers up, use a paperclip to press and hold the small reset button at the back of the router. Continue pressing the power button for 7-10 seconds and then let go of it. Wait for the router to fully reboot.

Now look for two stickers on the router which consists of a reconfigured username and password.  Usually these stickers will be placed at the bottom or at the back of the router.

Using this username and password, you can connect to the WiFi network.

Some Signs of a failing router

Disconnected Unexpectedly: If you are disconnected over the time or frequently it depends on the storage of your device, your browser may not be supporting or problem from ISP’s end.

Bad Port Connectivity: Rarely it happens, when you are connected to the Netgear Router directly has a bad port. it causes the loss of wireless connection. The solution to this problem is changing the port on your device.

Google Maps: Often loading the Google maps on the Window slower down the  Internet connection up to two minutes. This is because the Google Maps modulates to many servers.

 Bad Network Cable: Bad Network Cable occurs if the Ethernet cable connected to Modem has been plugged in the LAN Port instead of WAN port. Second, if the LAN connection is not stable. So, go to check this connection. Remember, LAN and WAN ports are distinct.

It is very important to choose a router which can be customized according to your needs. Ensure that the device provides to a number of settings to tailor your requirements. Selecting a router for a home could be much easier compared to a business purpose or an internet service provider. Also, the troubleshooting steps would be much easier in case of home WIFI’s.

Also, it is a good to know fact that the routers do not show any warning sign before it stops working. Finally, if the issues go out of control and if you are unable to fix them even after performing the above-mentioned steps repeatedly then you always have the final option to contact the Netgear customer support.

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