Access Routerlogin Admin Page using Push ‘N’ Connect

Using Push ‘N’ connect, users can access Routerlogin quickly. It is an alternate name of WPS method used to connect the Netgear Router. WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup helps to use the Netgear Router Wirelessly. Whether you call it a WPS button or push ‘N’ connect both are similar even these are the alternate names of one method for Netgear Setup wirelessly. 

How To Use The Push ‘N’ Button

It is one of the easier methods for Netgear Setup. Start this process by creating a connection between the Netgear Router and Modem. Plug in the adapters and power on the switches of both devices. Don’t go in a hurry let both devices boot up. Concentrate to the indicator lights of your Router will inform you about the connection establishment.

Now, access your device should have the WPS button. Simultaneously press the WPS button of your device and the router. Within some minutes both devices will be connected via the WPS button.

Your Router has WPS indicator light. When you are connected using WPS method, the WPS light will turn on.

So, you are ready to access on your device. WPS method automatically scans the wifi username and password to connect to the Wi-Fi. You need to reach Routerlogin page and confirm the Default Netgear Router Password.  Look at the image:

Precautions to Use Push ‘N’ Button

  • Make Sure to press the WPS button on both devices at the same time or maximum take two minutes. If you take extra time, you will get a problem with Netgear router connectivity.
  • The Push ‘N’ button means the WPS method. It can be used only if your device and Router has the WPS button. Almost every router has the push ‘N’ button which helps the users to connect wirelessly. But there are the rare devices which support the WPS method.  Confirm clearly whether your device is compatible with the push ‘N’ button.
  • Keep one thing in your mind, if your device is compatible to WEP method, you can never use the WPS method. The WEP devices never support the WPS settings.
  • If you connect the non-compatible devices using the WPS method, it may create issues to your router connectivity. 

Follow each step sequence wise to use the Push ‘N’ button method to access routerlogin admin page. Make sure to read the precaution for better configuration.

Description: Push ‘N’ connect is an alternate way used to access routerlogin admin page quickly. It is also known as WPS method. Here, you will learn the instructions to use the Push ‘N’ connect for Netgear Setup

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