How To Connect Two Routers As One Network

Connect Two Routers As One

You will amaze to know that you can add two routers to your home network. It may seem Odd but it makes sense during some particular situations like:

  • It upgrades the wired networks along with supporting the wireless devices.
  • Expands the wireless range to remove the dead spots
  • Enables the networking to a wired device in a long distance
  • Create a separate sub-network to stream video among some gadgets without affecting the connections.

This requires configuration of another router using the few instructions:

Location The Another Router

In order to set up the new router, one should locate it nearby the PC or Computer for making an initial configuration. The setup allows you to configure both wired and wireless router from your computer using Ethernet Network Cable. Once completing the configuration, you can easily move the router.

Configure Router

The router unable for wireless connection can be connected to the first router using the Ethernet cable. Insert an end of the cable into the second router’s uplink port (WAN Port) and plug another end in any port (LAN Port) of the first router.

To its opposite, you can connect the two wireless if the second router is able to function as a wireless access point than the first router. The second one router should be set up on client mode to track the routing functionality. Many routers do not support the routing functionality so, once go through your Routers specifications to determine its configuration.

Second Router Configuration without Sub Network Support

Plug the Ethernet cable into any LAN port of the second router. Similarly, connect the other end of the cable to any a port of the first router than the uplink port.

To access the setup of the wireless router as an access point, connect your device as a bridge to link the first router. Follow the guidelines given with your respective router to access the web interface of your device to arrange its settings.  on reaching to the web interface, first of all make these settings:

  • Go to check the second router’s local IP address and change if required just to ensure that it is available within the home network range as connected to the first router.
  • Set the DHCP address range of the second router to fit inside the range of the first network.

Wi-Fi Channel Settings

If both routers are wireless, it may distract the Wi-Fi Signals. It results to drop down the connections and slow down Wi-Fi Range. Every Wireless router has the certain Wi-Fi range known as channels and signals interference appear when two wireless routers in the same place attract or overlap the channels.

The solution to this problem is set the channel of first router 1 or 6 channel and use channel 11 for the second router.

IP Address Configuration

The home network routers use the default IP address settings following the router model’s specification.  If you have configured the second router as the network switch or access point, you are not requiring changing the default IP settings.  

Description: One can easily connect two routers as one network. It requires some guidelines to connect it. This will enable you to extend the wireless range of home network, upgrade the wired network, create a different sub network and achieve other benefits.

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