How to Connect Your Router to the Internet

The talk of world, router has made our life easy providing good grip over the internet.  Regardless you take it as a home or business network, it is always ready to boost your internet productivity. It may seem difficult but is quite easy to set up a router and bring it in your use. For sure, once you have accessed it, rest is self-explanatory. 

Router Configuration to the Modem

Whether you bought a new router or going to replace the existing one before connecting your router, plugged out all the cables and the devices should be powered off. Router always contains the antennas which you connect to your Router to get the stable internet range. The modem is the only source to get the internet access and it can be connected to the router only by using the Ethernet cable.  

The Ethernet cable‘s one end is connected to the modem, you can connect it’s another end to WAN port of the Router. The router has Four LAN ports using these ports, you can configure four computers or Laptop via the wired connection while using Wi-Fi you can connect multiple devices to your home network. 

After the manual setup, it’s time to turn on the Modem and Router. Every Router has the LED to indicate the user for the stable connection. So, you can check this for your confirmation.

Connect to the Internet  

The good connection between the Router and Modem provide you fast access to the Internet. Every Router has the SSID name and password. It is mostly given on the router’s label or instruction booklet. Your device scans the unique SSID Network name and it will display under the Wi-Fi Icon. Connect it and type the password, this will connect you to your home network.

You are connected to the internet. Go to your browser and make fast use of your internet. 

How to Secure Your Network

Every router has default gateway and specific username and password which you can use to reach web interface of your router. The web interface of every router allows one to change the settings of the internet including wireless settings. Secure your network using its specific admin page. 

Hereby you are ready to drive your home network.

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