How Wireless Routers Supports Hybrid Networks

The Hybrid Network is also known as the Local Area Network (LAN). It contains the ability to accommodate the wired and wireless client devices. To use your network as a wired connection, you most use the Ethernet cables however the wireless devices are connected using the Wi-Fi technology. So, it is clear that most of the Consumer routers support the Wi-Fi clients as it is easy and fast to connect with multiple devices.

Check Your Router’s Specifications

Several consumers Wi-Fi wireless routers Support the Hybrid Networks which can be connected using the Ethernet connection. Talking about the traditional broadband routers was not specialized with the Wi-Fi capability. But the Current market is ready to provide excellent support for both Wi-Fi and wired connection. Nevertheless, one is required to verify the specifications of the router before dealing for this. Check the:

  • 10/100 Ethernet Ports


  • A number of Ethernet ports should be ‘4’ or ‘5’.


  • Wired LAN Ports

If your Router has any of these specifications then you can sure to have Hybrid Network Capability in your router.

How to Use the Hybrid Networks

Following the specifications of the Router, it is clear that an individual can connect the device to the router using the Ethernet cable. As most of the router contains the four LAN ports, using these four ports, you can connect four devices to your routers like Computer, Laptop, etc.  First of all, configure your Router and Modem. When you find the LED of your router is stable only then you can go to connect your device. There is no especially equipped port, if you are connecting only one device, you can use any a LAN Port. Be sure to connect the modem cable into the WAN port of the router.

The conclusion about the network discussion is that Most of the Routers are manufactured to easily connect the Hybrid Network.  Hence, you can take benefit of both networks. 

Despite the above discussion, if your router having only one Ethernet port is mostly not capable of Hybrid Networking. This port is generally manufactured for the broadband modem and WAN connection.

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